Friday, February 17, 2012

Analysis On "The Middle Passage"

Allusion: Sonia Sanchez says "Watch as I take you through the middle passage". Sonia Sanchez is relating slavery to the middle passage.

Theme: I believe the theme of the poem is showing all of the struggles not only that African-American slaves went through but what how America treated our ancestors. the theme is about the overall struggles of African-Americans and how America and the people over came it all.

Figurative Language: Sanchez uses a constant of alliteration in her piece. Sanchez explains the rapeing of slaves and she states "It was the giving birth that was bad(2x), Every nine months(7x)"
Tone: The tone was very exaggerated, Sanchez exaggerated her words and phrases to stress what our ansectors went through.

Final Interpretation: Sanchez starts the listeners off with a bit of background information of where her poem was coming from and states "What does it mean to be human?" She read her poem about the middle passage and how passangers were brought to america and then became slaves.
Sanchez went on to explain how Jews and Gays were treated like "Terrorist" to humanity.

I didn't like this poem it bored me. Sanchez used a great amount of onomatopeias in her piece out of all of her pieces that I've read this poem is my least favorite I had no intrest in it.

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